Meet Garnish

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto

Garnish unlocks access to engaged learning to activate potential.

We are a mobile-first, people first, smartphone APP that links interactive training and gamified education to customer service, job satisfaction and performance for fast-growing emerging markets.

By decreasing obstacles and increasing motivation to learning, we strengthen connection to employees and customers. Garnish creates access and pathways to untapped workforces.


Garnish partners with companies to host engaged learning with verified performance that uplifts individuals, communities and emerging markets


Inspire + create access and pathways to untapped workforces

OUR Founder

Lauren Henderson
Turning struggles into a source for strength

She discovers a transformational solution. But even as a 20-year veteran in a leading industry, she is told her idea is unattainable and not realistic. “Just wait and let someone else handle it.” 

So, after some reflection, a spark of passion is ignited. She decides to go for it anyways.

Meet Lauren.

With a strong passion for learning by doing, Lauren Henderson lived and worked in 23 different countries, to survey market conditions and be immersed in culture, understand nuances, and integrated herself within communities. This allowed for deep analysis and evaluation of market potential. With a core motivation to have this solution powered by people, she garnered thousands of individuals’ input to birth this engaged learning solution for Africa by Africa. 

Then expand that ‘solution’ to uplift individuals, communities and developing countries.

Going the distance.

The journey in the hospitality industry for Lauren started in high school at a female-owned catering company. As she served the masses, she was mentored and got introduced to hospitality on a large scale. Through this unofficial mentorship, Lauren was given the foundational tools for what she does today. Even more importantly, her mentor showed her that being a woman should not limit your dreams and ambitions. In college, Lauren continued on to other roles – server, bartender and restaurant manager. Post-college she jumped into the depths of Corporate America and transitioned to the supply side of the industry.

Spending 10-years at Campari, her diverse roles led her to live and work throughout the USA, giving her a national perspective for developing brands, as well as navigating the diversity across markets. Even after being the ‘first woman to do… fill in the blank’, in her roles in the U.S, Lauren’s ambitions were global. She boldly left corporate life without a safety net. With confidence in her skills and unwavering drive, knowing this would translate anywhere, she traveled and made the leap.  

 After 5 years overseas, bringing her recent experience in entrepreneurship, Lauren realized the startup world was where she wanted to put her energy. She sought to continue collaborating with like-minded brands and the people behind them, those changemakers challenging the norms, fighting to break through and daring to do it differently.

Opportunity meets expertise.

Lauren’s quest continued as she worked across 23 counties throughout the Middle East and Africa, learning the route to market of CPG products, the cultural aspects of each region and how that translated to brands.  In these developing markets, industries face challenging economic and infrastructure conditions. Employee education isn’t evenly distributed, and resources for improving customer service aren’t readily accessible. Learning also that transportation and access to WIFI are limiting factors to implementation of employee education and training.

Lauren’s work experience on the continent, specifically within the wine and spirits industry, uncovered the opportunity. A key discovery was the opportunity to integrate technology to meet the needs of the people. With Africa leading the world in the usage of mobile tech, she saw the lack of distribution. She applied this expertise and learnings into a solution that would overcome these challenges.

Hence, Garnish was born.

Garnish is an effective mobile-first, smartphone APP to link interactive training and education to customer service, job satisfaction and performance.












The Triangle

The triangle illustrates what we believe, what we value and how we act. The upward and downward triangle together symbolize the balancing of the flow of power—power with and power to.

Half Moon Shield

The half moon represents how we create pathways and access for communities and the workforces they operate within. The half moon is a sign of femininity, signifying change, and an emblem for how Garnish can impact.